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Hamahakki existed since the beginning of 2012. Until now, trust me:

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  • Flov
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hamahakki | Łukasz Pająk

Hello! My name is Łukasz Pająk, by profession I am a computer network engineer, but the passion for 3D graphics, which developed in childhood, has survived to this day. Once a hobby, now my whole life. I'm trying to constantly expand my knowledge and transmit that passion to others, leading my own blog.

Working as a freelancer I devote special attention to the deadlines, quality and good relationships with my clients. I'm happy to pick up cooperation with agencies, production houses and individual customers. Working with you, it gives me the opportunity to continuously improve my art, for which I thank you.

Positive features

  • Creative
  • Reliable
  • Keeps deadlines

Negative features

  • Unrestrained love for jellies
  • Workaholic